Thursday, 31 May 2012

Take a Leaf

Flowers are considered luxuries but perhaps should be viewed as essentials.  They are so uplifting and add such a fresh dimension to a room that, really, life should include flowers.

However, this time of year they aren’t so easy to pick from the garden and are expensive from the florist.  What about alternative solutions?  Here at Eco Chic we have always loved working with what’s at hand, and we have such lush tropical foliage here in Australia, why not use it to its best advantage?  Cut a few fronds from the garden or beg / borrow / steal some from a friend, artfully arrange in a big glass vase or funky vessel and you can add a whole new dimension to your living space!  Here are a few rooms we love that are doing just that – do you love too?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Keeping It Clean

A crisp and deceptively simple living room – is it clean and classic or cold and calculated?
·    Without the bold art and even bolder mantelpiece arrangement, this room would be almost unremarkable.  Further proof that Drama is in the Details

·    Blocks of solid tone anchor the room and prevent it from becoming too washed out; without the dark armchair and coffee table it would be a very blank space indeed

·    Pendant lights are always scene stealers and this one is no exception, stylish and simple it adds sparkle to the space

·    We love a fireplace and this one is a beauty – but how much nicer would this room be with a fire blazing away?!  A fire would light up the room, warm up the space and take this living area from sophisticated to stunning!

Like this look?  We have suggestions... Paloma stool is along these lines, ethnic and exciting.  The Lily sofa is gorgeous in pale linen. A large Isla coffee table would look great on a big, pale rug. Try the Parker lounge chair in charcoal velvet if you like the studded look. Our yellow Thorn Glass Vases look fabulous clustered along a mantle.  Finally, the Christina pendant is clear glass and eye catching or ask about our Custom Pendants.