Monday, 21 October 2013

Manly Swagger

What a great room!  A big show off of a room, but nonetheless a very successful boast.  It is instant Hollywood courtesy of Mr. Redford of course, but the other elements in the setting are equally as 'A' list.
We love the combination of tan leather with indigo blue and polished nickel - if the sofa had been black leather the overall look would have been quite different, sombre, downbeat almost. 
There's just enough symmetry in the room to create a pleasing effect but not so much as would make it rigid. 
And the carefully wrought balances are offset by irregularities such as accent chairs upholstered in denim; the shiny surfaces are juxtaposed with rustic textures like the driftwood item on the coffee table.
You can't go wrong with a dark wall coupled with a pale floor - and here the use of an enormous, pale area rug adds extra luxury.
Our Broadway sofa can be made in any leather, including tan.  Try the Manhattan coffee and side tables for a shiny statement pieces.  Two Istanbul table lamps would pack a punch in this room.  And you can always buy a pair of Aviator sunglasses and talk your favourite human into posing for the camera.....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Natural Zing

Take a look at this room, then cover up the yellow chairs. Quite different without them, isn’t it? The inspired addition of two snappy yellow armchairs takes this not so remarkable lounging area from naturally neutral to eye catching and individual. 
A clever design trick and one which doesn’t require too much commitment – after all, if you get tired of the yellow chairs, simply change them for another pair altogether and the room takes on a new look!
Effortlessly, this room allows us the impression it belongs to a well read, well travelled, eclectic collector with an artistic eye.

We love the case of coral, the bookshelves, the mounted display, the oriental references mixed with nautical and rustic and the lived in feel. Easy to imagine flopping into the sofa and flicking through a magazine.

We have some suggestions to help you recreate this room. Our
Artique chairs come in vibrant yellow, the Voyager coffee table is classic trunk style, the Nest rug a sturdy all rounder, the Penthouse sofa is extra comfy and the Manor pendant light is like this one.