Thursday, 31 January 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Blue and yellow is certainly a very cheerful combination, but can be a bit kindergarten if the tones and textures are not quite right.  We love this grown up bedroom from Decorpad as it hits the mark without becoming too playful nor taking itself too seriously.
The tones of yellow and blue are sophisticated and edgy thus avoiding the primary school trap.  Solid blocks of acid yellow and ink blue work beautifully together and are used in moderation.

Crisp black and white – the timeless combination is made modern with the use of a contemporary geometric print for the upholstered headboard and set off by the vibrant yellow and profound blue.  Add block colour to black and white to bring it bang up to the moment.

Keep it simple – with scene stealing lamps such as these beauties and a statement piece bed head, nothing else is needed.  Clean, classic, contemporary yet comfortably inviting – all that’s needed for a stylish night’s sleep!

Like the look?  Eco Chic has some suggestions:  whilst not as zany as these lamps, the Quasar lamp packs a bright yellow punch; our Gracie upholstered headboard can be made in a black and white geometric fabric of your choice; try the Durante Comforter or a Bluebird MohairThrow for a splash of blue on your bed.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Coming Up in 2013

Will ’13 bring terrible trends in décor, break new ground or will we have just more of the same?  Here’s what we’re predicting will be big or emerging in this new year, let us know if you like / agree!

Manly Swagger – we have seen a lot of fondant shades, delicate touches and feminine finishes over the last three years, so it’s not surprising the pendulum is swinging in favour of the men in our lives who probably prefer leather to lace.  Expect pin stripes on walls and on fabric, dark leather making a return, and a Gentlemen’s Club flavour emerging for lounge rooms and libraries.

Golden Sunshine – yellow and gold will be prominent tones, used especially for accents and accessories, sometimes even for large items such as sofas.  Gilding on wallpaper and for details on pictures and mirrors will be especially popular.

Feathered Friends – animals, birds and feathers will still feature prominently and we can’t believe how long the bird trend has lasted!  This year it’s hello to gaudy parrots and peacocks and goodbye to owls and ostriches. Feather details are tipped for the top and elephants forecast to be big!

 Suzani Fabrics – we’ve always loved these and are delighted their time is now.

Hollywood Noir – luxe, opulence, over the top lavishness.  Pattern, padding, layers and colour but with decadent overtones – think Black Dahlia rather than Days of Wine and Roses.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Emerald Sighs

All interior décor buffs will be aware that ‘Pantone’s Color of the Year’ is Emerald Green.  This year’s colour really seems to have captured the collective imagination of the creatively inclined and has really hit the mark.  We certainly like it much more than some of the previous year’s difficult or insipid offerings – naturally, as we’ve always admired emerald!
How easy is this colour to use in the home?  Not easy, but used judiciously, cleverly or sparingly it can truly sparkle.  Take these examples – emerald elevates the space without overpowering, but the trick is to use it with white and naturals and add shots of other colours to add to the overall jewel-like effect. 
The first room can carry off such a confronting expanse of emerald because of the extra high ceilings and the clever use of clashing colours, quirky artifacts and eclectic furnishings prevent the whole being too sombre and serious.
The crafty chevrons on the drawers are cool without being self conscious and the fun additions of the hat, vase and flowers throw in other colour references making for a vibrant vignette.
Emerald paired with royal blue, aqua and turquoise and off-set against bright white will always work well, especially for rooms wishing to present as fresh yet sophisticated.
Like some of these looks?  For paint, try Resene Moxie or Dulux Pharoah’s Gem.  We have a fuschia bamileke feather headdress and the Aloha chair is along the same lines.  The Esmeralda bed head comes in – you guessed it! – emerald green, and check out our Boheme fabrics for some luscious patterns in emerald and a host of colours to mix and match.