Friday, 5 October 2012

Tales of the Unexpected

Sometimes small adjustments can make dramatic differences.  Take this mood board featuring – in theory – very classic items.  A Persian rug, a coffee table, a wing chair and cushion, a side table.  Close your eyes, picture these pieces and a very traditional scene could present itself.  Here, simply changing colours and shapes allows a fresh interpretation of the familiar. 

·         Teal leather for the wing chair – unusual, lighter in look, perhaps more feminine than its classic tan leather counterpart.

·          Faceted gunmetal ceramic side table – more modern than the obvious asian style ceramic stool choice. 

·         Silver blue tones in the rug – selecting blues for an oriental rug rather than traditional reds takes this floor rug into the realms of contemporary glamour.

·         Circular coffee table – round and with a marble top is much less predictable than a rectangular wooden coffee table and deftly injects a cool crispness into the grouping.

Feel like something contemporary yet classic?  Eco Chic can help.  We can upholster the Yarra armchair in teal leather; the Facet stool has a similar silvery, angled style; the slate Maroc rug has silver blue tones in an exotic pattern or search on line for Turkish rugs; the Palermo accent table comes with a white marble top and can be custom ordered round.    


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