Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ralph Lauren's Dining Room

An eye catching area to be sure, Ralph's dining room (as seen in Elle Decor) has plenty of space and style to recommend it and a good measure of manly swagger too boot.
We love the pendant light fixtures which look like they are on loan from the Fox Studios lot and are very unusual, but can't help wondering just how much light they would throw on an intimate dinner!?  Meals by searchlight wouldn't be too comfortable - bring on the candles!
The dining chairs look roomy and comfortable and it is interesting to see they match the dining table - we rarely like a matched set but here it does look entirely appropriate.
The zebra edging to the mirror echoes the leather of the seats giving a slightly safari edge to matters, intentional surely!  We like the artwork propped up against the mirror, too, as it gives a casual touch to the arrangement.
Without the bowls of flowers on the table the  style factor in the room would plunge - they are very important here to soften the setting and invite us in as well as breaking up the linearity with their organic shape and contrast colour.
Do you like this room? Whilst we would love to dine at Ralph's, there is something a little formal and cold about this room which doesn't suggest to us relaxed and convivial meal times.  The symmetry is rather too rigorous and there is a lack of warmth - an area rug would work wonders here as well as the aforementioned candles.
For dining inspiration, check out our dining tables and chairs; we have some wonderful pendant lights to offer; there are exotic framed mirrors to select from and unusual vases and bowls just waiting for your floral finishes.

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