Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bold and Beautiful Bar Stools...

Give your kitchen an easy make over simply by adding some colour splash bar stools!
A plain white kitchen is the perfect backdrop for adding vitamin colour to the heart of your home.
Here, the crayon coloured stools and textural basket pendants add fun and warmth to a fairly classic kitchen.
The great thing about these accessories is that they are just that - items that can be changed around with your moods and the seasons to bring your kitchen up to date quickly and easily.
For example, you could try coloured pendants and natural wood barstools for an alternative version of this look.
San Vito and Maddie bar stools can be custom coloured and upholstered to your exact specifications to give your kitchen signature style.
Throw in some fruit and flowers and perhaps an artwork or feature clock and your kitchen reflects your personality - just as your favourite recipe does!

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