Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How To Organise A Vintage Wedding - guest post by Lara Anderson

If you want your wedding to encapsulate the beauty and class of time gone by, why not incorporate a vintage theme into your big day? There’s plenty that can be done to ensure you tie the knot in style, so take a look at these top tips and be inspired.

Choose an era
To get the ball rolling, choose an era you feel most comfortable with be it the swinging sixties or the groovy seventies and use this to inspire all aspects of your wedding. With sites like Pinterest offering a wide range of vintage wedding tips, tutorials and visual stimuli you won’t be short of ideas and can even suss out vintage venues from wedding experts Bride Online.
Once you’ve chosen a theme, however, try to be as consistent as possible to avoid confusing your guests. After all, bridesmaids with flapper dresses on might look slightly strange next to guys wearing psychedelic print shirts and flares.

Find the right dress
Vintage wedding dress shopping is not only fun it also provides the perfect opportunity to rummage through second hand and charity shops. You never know what you might find, so keep an eye out for old-school wedding gowns, beautiful tiaras and even some retro jewellery to complete your bridal outfit. Of course, shopping this way can be hit or miss, so if you don’t find anything how about adding a personal touch by slipping into your mum’s old wedding frock?

Perfect your hair
These days, many celebrities are rocking the retro curls – after all, they’re the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. So whether you want loose waves like Veronica Lake or tighter curls like Marilyn Monroe, get practicing now for your big day or arrange a trial hair do with a professional stylist. If your theme is more 1920s, however, you could even rock the flapper girl bob or combine a pixie haircut with some pretty dapper accessories.

Make a vintage brooch bouquet
If fresh flowers are far too modern for your vintage ceremony, why not learn how to make a delightful brooch bouquet? Sure, you’ll need a bit of patience to get this right but with a little determination you could transform some old-school, sentimental jewellery into a special keepsake. If you don’t own any brooches don’t panic as they can be bought relatively cheaply from op shops or jewellery and clothes stores.

Dress the tables in vintage chic
For proper attention to detail with a vintage wedding, don't overlook the little touches - sometimes it's the minor elements which make a major impact. To bring a bit of vintage chic to proceedings, dress the tables appropriately. Eco Chic's vintage soy candles would work brilliantly as a centrepiece to the table - and lovely keepsake mementos for guests to take home afterwards. Tall, elegant candlestick holders work equally well too. Another nice gesture is to have a different picture of bride and groom (random photos of the couple's life together so far, holidays, Christmas, etc) on each table in a distressed frame.

Hire a car
Leave your old banger in the garage and make a grand entrance in a beautiful vintage car. The Cadillac has plenty of retro charm or you could head to your chosen venue in a Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce. There are many companies that will hire you one of their vehicles for the day, so see what you can find. Tie some empty tin cans to the back for a rustic 'just married' feel and you’ll be good to go.

Retro weddings are extremely exciting to prepare so put your thinking cap and enjoy piecing together your big day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information on organizing a vintage wedding. Last week, I attended my cousin’s wedding which was arranged at one of elegant NYC wedding venues. Really liked the decorations and arrangements done by planner at wedding.