Monday, 12 September 2011

Dinner Date

Eccentric and eclectic, sexy and stylish yet still understated – a real achievement!  What makes this unusual dining room a sophisticated success?
·         Neutral, yes, bland, no – restrained colours have not been allowed to stray into the boring zone by the clever use of texture, the defining tones of black and the crisp touches of white
·         Varied size and shape is used to great effect – the oversized bowl, the exaggerated chandelier, the low-level pouffe - give visual interest and add the unexpected to the room
·         Highly curvaceous forms make for a sinuous rhythm – there are very few straight lines in this voluptuous setting!
·         References run from formal (the dining table) to fantastic (the Ostrich side table), mid-century (the chairs) to traditional (the bulls-eye mirror) and it is this co-ordinated yet disparate mix that makes a basically very neutral toned room dramatic, not dull
Eco Chic’s Valmont or Palm Springs dining table would give this look.  Our sensational Mud Bead Chandelier is a showstopper along similar lines.  Try the Nicholson or Luanne mirror if it’s curves you’re looking for. Dulux Pier Pointe is a good match for this pale but interesting wall colour. Sounds Like Home - we can hear the strains of Leftfield’s ‘Original’ drifting through this room

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