Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Splendidly Small!

When we saw this picture we were immediately smitten.  Bright, textured, stylish and, yes...small.  Who says small rooms can’t be divinely ambitious.  If this room were dog it would be a Chihuahua that thought it was a Great Dane!   Stuck with small room but feeling aspirational?  Here are a few tips:

·         Simple colour scheme - if small children are not your intended guests, a palette that consists of 80% white is ALWAYS a winner!  Added to it are cools in the form of turquoise and midnight and warms in the brass accents and some unexpected touches of red.
·         Texture - this room is deliciously layered. The idea that small rooms should not be cluttered or they will look smaller is a myth!  The more your eye has to look at the less you notice the walls.   Just do it artfully.
·         Play on scale – the oversized cushions on a smaller sofa makes the room feel a bit decadent, as does the very large pattern on the floor rug.  This is smartly mixed with smaller scale patterns in the fabrics
·         The eclectic art wall – always a winner and not as expensive as one hero painting.  Just frame up all your little cards, baby sketches, small posters and voilà!  Not sure, though, about this on BOTH sides of the room as done here... just settle for one wall.
·         Focal point - A really strong focal point is a requirement in small room for obvious reasons -you look at it and not the floor plan.  It’s the mirror in this room, of course!

Like it, want it?  Eco Chic's got it!  Our Driftwood mirror would work perfectly in this context, as would the Claudine table lamp.  Try the Parker sofa in a small space - sleek and streamlined.  The Venice rug can make a big impact on a small budget, and the Luanne range works beautifully in so many applications, it's always a winner. Mix the Boxy frames with our horn and burlap options coming soon, and you've got the look.  Sounds Like Home - we can hear 'So Frenchy So Chic 2011' playing in this room...

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