Thursday, 6 October 2011

Effortless Entertaining

Cool, fun and sophisticated? A tall order for any outdoor entertainment area, but this setting pulls it off with stylish ease. We love this ‘room’ because it’s both practical and sexy, managing to bring out the urban nomad in all of us. Here’s why:

Monochromatic - it takes a lot of discipline to avoid colour altogether, but when you do it well the result can be uber chic. This space relies on the greenery outside to provide colour

Pair up - we normally say make groupings of 3 or 5 - odd numbers like the coffee tables - BUT when it comes to seating, a grouping of two is seems to say couple, intimacy, relationship.

Create a division without using a wall - the hanging pod chairs crate a sense of division without being solid. They frame the view and create a complete setting.

Get into this particular groove with Eco Chic! Our Bamileke tables come in white and three different sizes so you can create visual interest wherever your house or garden may need it; the Pasha pod chair in white is a new introduction we are especially excited about; the Byron outdoor sofa comes in bronze just like this one; the Paloma Stool or Atelier bench would complement this setting beautifully; add some mood lighting with the Summer Lantern Set and if you’re feeling adventurous you could throw in some outdoor rugs and beach glass vases – then invite all your friends over!

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