Thursday, 8 December 2011

Very Merry?

Is it still Christmas without red or green? As expats who grew up with cold, sometimes even White, Christmases in the Northern hemisphere, we have been known to strive for a traditional Christmas. But being here in Australia, where it is hot and sultry during this silly season, we've grown to appreciate that we might need to keep things a bit more fresh and lively. So what do you think of this jaunty Christmas palette?
  • The combination of strong jewel tones, pastels and lots of white is just so crisp and chic.
  • I love the modern take on the tabletop Christmas tree decorations, very graphic and hip.
  • How good is gold! The stocking is festive and the gold utensils are to die for...they scream “Come celebrate!”
  • Coloured confetti in wine glasses with candles stuck in, cheerful and very, very clever.

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