Friday, 27 January 2012

Making an Entry

If you walked through your front door to see this hall everyday, your uber chic sense of style would certainly be affirmed! This daring and inspired entrance is fun, playful and so very interesting. Pop the champagne because I’m already sold! What makes it so hip?  

  • First of all, the rug. The way it’s positioned off kilter and transitions two different floor materials is clever/cool ...not to mention the print! 
  • Play with shapes. Circles and squares were the cat’s meow in the 1920’s. Love that funky square divider which is strategically clashed with the circular mirror and very sculptural table lamp.
  • Better in black...these painted floorboards are the perfect foil to the white and primary colours. This is a recipe hard to get wrong.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overdo the accessories. You want the attention on the a few fabulous feature pieces. 
  • Eclectic to the extreme! Our favourite style when done takes someone brave and talented to combine pieces from so many different eras.
Eco Chic has a few pieces that will help you on the road to this super cool look. Check out our black and white stripe Dakota Chevron cowhide rug and our Martinique room screen which comes in white or colours. As for accessories, we have a gorgeous range of vases, including the bright yellow Thorn Glass and some great Mirrors.

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