Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oriental Persuasion

oriental 3 form luxury iHouse designs

Oriental is a style that can be beautiful if done right and this room uses slight hints throughout, resulting in a flow of these gorgeous eclectic pieces.

  • White couches are a perfect foil to colourful accents, such as this green coffee table trunk. The vintage style of the trunk adds so much character to the room, while its colour freshens up the space. What a perfect item!
  • Don’t be scared to mismatch chairs or mismatch styles. An accent chair is supposed to do just that – accent. Make sure the colours are in the right scheme - these ones are perfect as you can’t go past purple and green together!
  • Birdcages – the flavour of the year! In order for these to succeed, perhaps try a fresh way that’s not the norm – in this case they are grouped to add drama to the cupboards. Do you have birdcages? How do you use yours?
Want to re-create? Add some colour  with our gorgeous Erica Armchair. If you want to try the oriental twist, check out our Fiona Cupboard made from hand-carved bone panels. Stunning!

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