Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mid-Century Sophistication

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Unusual, masculine and encompassing a natural and rustic style, this room looks lived in yet smart and casual at the same time.  So why is it that this room works so well?

  • Don’t be scared of leather. While an entire room in leather may be a bit much, a splash here and there adds a touch of luxe.
  • Nowhere to put floor to ceiling curtains? It doesn’t matter, do it anyway! We love how clever these curtains are, hanging them high has given the room a lofty feel, and keeping them minimalist in terms of tone and style adds sophistication.
  • Add some plants to your living area. Not only do they create carbon dioxide which is good for your health, but they brighten the space with their intense colour.
To get the look with Ecochic, try our Serengeti Weave Rug. For an eye-catching coffee table, you cant go wrong with the Carillo, which is Australian designed and made. 

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