Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lust Have

What we wouldn’t do for a home like this!  It manages to be all things good:  modern but warm, unique but not “try hard”, sophisticated but fun AND we could imagine actually living in this apace...it feels real.  Let‘s tick the boxes as to why it’s so great.

  • White plus timber – a classic combination of cool and warm tones, this is how and why the room manages to be crisp but still inviting 
  • Texture – notice the fabulous sculpture above the traditional fireplace - totally unexpected and cool.  Cracked timber table, sisal rug and aged leather complete the story
  • High Ceilings  - something this daring and strong would not work with low ceilings
  •  Geometry – everything about this space seems to be about the lines and shapes: sculptural chairs and stools, round mirror, square windows.  The lines of the ceiling and ladder complete the drawing...a masterpiece!  
Eco Chic can furnish a few goodies if this is the look you are going for.  Check out our SantaBarbara Coffee Table, Oxford Aged Leather Club Chairs and Lightwood DiningTable.  For the finishing touch we have lots of textured natural weave rugs like the Nest Hemp Rug and loads of accent cushions with tropical themes to select from.

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