Friday, 15 March 2013

Breakfast Club

Sometimes it's nice just to look at a space that makes us feel happy. There's nothing overly designer about this luminous dining space, and the components are certainly not high end, but the whole just invites us to pull up a stool, put on the kettle (or get out the corkscrew!) and linger for a while. A clever achievement in what is actually quite a small space.
  • The mismatched and haphazard seating enhances the informal tone and certainly adds charm and colour.
  • White walls and floors - give it a go! It's not as scary as it sounds and white floors dramatically increase light in a room space. Make sure to anchor the overall whiteness with naturals and colour splashes otherwise it can all get a little 'hospital corners'.
  • Pendant lights over a dining table helps define a space, add workspace and meal time lighting of course but also direct our gaze upwards increasing the sense of loftiness in a room.
  • Don't be afraid to re-purpose and re-home. Try using garden chairs inside, a log basket for storage, a garden pot for utensils, potting trays for shelving and why not look out for some vintage crochet blankets or tea towels to make dining seat cushions.
  • Add the unexpected and give your space the edge. Here, a wall mounted deer head makes a talking point and adds an extra dimension.

Want to recreate? Eco Chic has some suggestions: check out our Hobart and Industrial Cage pendants for dining style; our Lightwood dining table would look fab in such a space; try the Roadie storage unit has this lived-in look; El Toro rattan bull's head is the eco way to add edge to your living quarters; we have some great Baskets to chose from; our vintage Mason Jars are the perfect accessory for this style of decorating and our Betty dining chairs will add a splash of red to your room.


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