Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Peaceful Palette Pretzels!

Simply Restful
A very pleasant room, nothing overly remarkable but still an effortless pulling together of elements which taken separately would not immediately appear to work together. Look how nautical, ornithological, botanical and jungle references are thrown together with an oriental influenced lamp and deco style Pretzel chairs, yet the whole comes out as an ode to elegance! 
Why?  Well, it's down to the Timeless Trinity - colour, scale and texture. 
A subdued palette draws the disparate parts together and quietly unites them, then is given life with colourful shots of orange. 
The animal print on the ottoman and the bird print on the chairs are in small doses - an entire sofa in either of these would dominate the room and cause imbalance. 
Natural rattan on the chairs and tray, fresh flowers in the fireplace, linen on the lampshade and a coral decorator piece add visual interest, bring the outdoors in and remind us of the best decorator of them all - mother nature - she never gets it wrong!
We'd love to help you recreate this room.  Our Pretzel Armchairs can be upholstered in any fabric you like, as can our Lewis Ottoman.  We have Rattan Trays just like this one.  Try our Lexicon Art range for a similar wall display.  The Lisbon table lamp has a textural aqua base and hessian shade perfect for this kind of look. 


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