Saturday, 11 May 2013

Eclectic Essence

Do you have a range of different items and styles but don’t know how to piece them together? Colour people, colour!
·         Take a look at all the blue you can see. There is such a variety of tone used throughout the room that ties it all in beautifully together – even using blue and green in the same picture allows for an introduction of green elsewhere.
·         A white backdrop is just perfect to allow the harmonious flow of colour. You can swap and change accessories often and whenever you like, thus creating a whole new vibe to the room. Pink, anyone?
·         The white headboard is still a statement piece without taking over; adding studs generates interest to the eye yet still allows for beautiful patterned bed linen.
Want the look with Eco Chic? Why not try our gorgeous Matilda Headboard and combine it with a funky side table like the Ironside. Add a splash of colour with some Buttercup Art or a Bamileke headdress.

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