Thursday, 16 May 2013

5 Interior Design Myths We Think Need Busting!

Myth 1: Clutter is bad.
Truth: Artfully organised clutter is very cool.
Myth 2: Indoor plants are old fashioned and naff!
Truth: They have always been, and always will be, great when well tended and over scaled.

Myth 3: Don’t put too many things in small spaces.
Truth:  Small spaces with nothing much in them are depressing; make them cosy nooks with lots of intimate, inviting furnishings!
Myth 4: Dark walls will make a room feel dark and dreary.
Truth: They can actually maximise the feeling of light and highlight the furnishings in contrast.
Myth 5:  Bathrooms look best with big white tiles and caeserstone.
Truth: Australian bathrooms are SO boring. Let’s get funky and make them a destination! Does anyone agree, or are we being typically impractical designers?
What myths would you like to see busted?
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  1. Fantastic tips EC. I agree that Australian bathrooms are boring.... My dream bathroom is floor to ceiling aqua tiles!