Sunday, 26 May 2013

Perfectly Pale in Paris

This boudoir scene graced the cover of Vogue Living recently, and having just returned from a visit to Paris, it struck a chord.
There's no doubting the beauty of the parquet floor and the lofty windows to the balcony but is the rest of the room super chic or sickly sweet?  All the individual elements are pleasing, they have been delightfully assembled by interior designer Marianne Tiegen and we love the mix of classic (chair) with contemporary (dressing table), the free standing wardrobe, the abundant curtains and the slight nod at kitsch in the giant Tulip lamp and the movie star mirror.
Yet there's something about the room that makes us not want to linger.  Is it too feminine? Too pretty? Too pink?  Or perhaps it's just that this is surely a room to indulge in a leisurely primp and preen and we'd feel too guilty?!
Maybe we just need to get in touch with our inner Marie Antoinette and learn to pamper.  Maybe we can't do that much pastel but would love the room in tones of grey, blue or red?  Whatever, it's clearly got what it takes as it's a cover girl room and got us talking!
Fancy a look like this?  Eco Chic can actually help!  Our Pinto ottoman is round and would look divine in white or grey cowhide; the Fiona free standing storage cupboard is very pretty and practical too, try our St Tropez chandelier for tradition with a twist and the Manhattan trestle table with a white Luanne chair would make a perfect pair. 


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