Thursday, 18 July 2013

Too Cool For School

We don’t even need to know the people who live here, it is clear they are effortlessly cool… and we are resigned to looking on in admiration.  Cool furniture, cool art, cool dog.  This place rocks and we we should talk about just what makes it do so.
The first striking thing is the super tight colour palette…white, gold and black plus the odd touch of fuchsia.  Instead of feeling contrived it just fees intense - and that is good.
Secondly, the art is rad… it’s edgy and fun, no abstract decorator banalities in sight.  This art is meaningful and lends gravitas to the space.
Guitars…say no more.  If you play one,  put it out in display and your hip factor will double (this rule does not apply if there is no one in the household who can strum out a tune).
Eclecticism…this place nails it - antique chair with transparent glass desk, herringbone floor plus mid century modern iconic dining table.
How to get the look?  Start with a posh, expensive penthouse apartment with good detailing;  shop at a sleek antique store for required modern and turn of the century icons; pop in to your local must see art opening and leave with a few collectables and finally, if you have any energy left,  Eco Chic can probably help with the lighting and accessories J

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