Monday, 26 August 2013

The White Stuff

With all the saturated colour around it's nice to get back to basics and embrace white, the timeless design classic.

Here's a simple room, understated yet sophisticated with lots of style to steal.

A good mix of modern and traditional furnishings, note how each contemporary piece is matched with an ornate period one - stark bed / carved mirror; elaborate consoles / utility lamps; Bertoia side chair / floral cushion - this is an elegant way to blend disparate items, prevent designer pieces from looking too serious and vintage items from looking too shabby.

Individually, the accessories in the room are quite fussy so it is entirely right that the backdrop is plain white, including the floor, and the window treatment is a spare roller blind - heavy swags would head the look towards mixed up rather than mixed and matched.

It's easy enough to paint your floors and walls white, and Eco Chic make it easy for you to mix your references - try the Horatio lamp for utilty chic, the Jali mirror for elaborate elegance, the La Palma or the Geo Vito console for an eye catching statement piece and the Kew Gardens chair for the wire finish.

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