Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Curiosity Chic

A history lesson or a trip down memory lane?  Neither, it’s an elegant space showcasing refined taste combined with a collector’s eye. 

Gathering together a collection is one thing, but displaying disparate items in attractive and cohesive style is a different challenge altogether.
We see shells, coral, fish and compasses. Lots of books.  Antique busts. The home of an intrepid explorer, an avid sailor or perhaps just an armchair traveller?

This corner is full of stuff, there’s plenty going on, but it actually comes across as a serene place to take a moment and savour life.  That’s because the varied elements share essential features that blend and complement each other, thus creating a pleasing, yet stimulating, experience for the eye.

The soft grey of the panelled walls provides a pleasingly neutral back drop. The pale parquet floor has detail but does not distract.  The strong black lines of the cabinet are repeated in the upholstery of the armchair, adding depth and structure.

Pale and interesting, the objects on display differ in size and scale – a very important feature. The shells wouldn’t be half as effective if they were half the size!  Slight shots of colour prevent things from becoming too bland; coral and lilac are always good options for adding uplift.

The romance of good old fashioned books will never be replaced by a Kindle, and their ability to add instant gravitas to a space can’t be underestimated.  Keep your books, gather more and most of all – read them!

Try Dulux Nolita for this shade of grey paint; our Polo armchair would work well in this space; check out our Caesar busts; try the Santa Barbara bookshelf for curiosity storage with style.

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