Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fresh and funky, this room is a cool mix of crisp white and punchy colours that make you feel like you could hang out in here for a good gossip session as much as a good night’s sleep.  It is youthful while still being a classic look that will last a long time.

What is it that makes this room so refreshing? 

  • High Contrast – the white is really white (not a cream in sight)
  • It’s all about proportion.  This space is 80% white, 10% bright colour, and 10% dark brown or black.  A fantastic recipe for success
  • Mix modern (white chairs) with antiques (bedsides)
  • Pick one showstopper accent like this floral cushion and the rest of the bed can be quietly restrained
  • The art makes it...keep it eclectic with different frames, sizes, matt colours, and styles.  Mix illustrations, collage and prints.  Have fun ...more is more!
To get the look with Eco Chic,  we have a fantastic mix of art in great colours and styles that would be perfect in combination.  Our B&B bedspread will give that clean white look and our allergen free pillows and quilts will have you sleeping in complete comfort.  Try the Cristobel Side Tables for that antiquey look.  To add that punchiness, one of our large Ikat cushions plus the Feverpitch velvet cushions would add the finishing touch.

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