Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Timeless Appeal

A classic and timeless room that will never ticks all the boxes – inviting, casual but elegant, comfortable and chic.  How does a room manage to look fresh and yet not overly trendy?

  • White sofa – If it is humanly possible to pull this off in your own house (probably no small children), then a white sofa will ALWAYS make a room look so chic.
  • Bookcases – They add texture and colour, all while making you seem so smart and cultured!  This one has a dark  background which makes it MUCH more interesting and hip than an all white one.
  • Pendant lights – they aren’t just for the dining room.  They add warmth and interest to the ceiling, give good light, and this case they are mismatched – one black one white...very cool.
  • Mid century modern – Adding a collectible piece like this butterfly chair just seems to add depth and soul to a space.  This room successfully mixes pieces from all different eras.
  • The chesterfield – This style of sofa in that gorgeous cordovan leather is a true classic, comfortable, handsome and always in style.  A great counter balance to anchor a light room.
  • Eclectic accents – None of the accent cushions match in size or fabric and that keeps the space from feeling too traditional or formal.  The books are also arranged in an eclectic manner, not filling the shelves entirely like a library. 
  • Neutral colour palette – If you want truly timeless, go for white, black, and natural and then just throw in a few coloured accents as your taste changes.

To Get the Look with Eco Chic, start with a traditional sofa in a nice cordovan leather colour and pair it with a casual one like the Lily sofa in white hemp.  Our Honeycomb rug in cream is a great match in style and texture to the one shown.  We can make custom pendant light shades in black, white and a number of fabrics including your own!  Can't build a bookshelf into your space?  Check out our selection of freestanding bookcases.  Finally, choose a few of our accent cushions to complete the look...give us a call if you need an interior designer to help you put together a funky collection.  We are always here to help!

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