Monday, 15 August 2011

Inside Out Rooms

There’s a sniff of Spring in the air, and it’s taking our thoughts outdoors, both to rooms that bring the outside in, and to actual rooms created outdoors for lounging and entertaining.
That’s why we like both of these rooms, one has such a breezy outdoorsy feel, and one is actually outdoors feeling the breeze, yet they share similar elements that make them work so well.
·         Bright jewel colours, yet still anchored in natural references, are winners for a fresh look that works both indoors and out. Here, aqua brings fun and lightness and adds an edge to more traditional wall colours in our indoors room, whilst the aqua on the outdoor chairs and in the rug is fun and playful and stands out from the greenery around the outdoors room
·         The settings are informal and encourage relaxing and conversation, both rooms use ottomans for foot rests and coffee tables, side tables for drinks and books and flowers and foliage to soften the edges
·         The colour combinations are unexpected yet successful – aqua teamed with navy and white stripes isn’t your everyday match and emerald green plus yellow and aqua could be a bit ‘sudden’ in certain contexts but works in an outdoor setting where the rules can be relaxed a little, to match the atmosphere
·         We like how there is a floor rug outdoors and outdoor style furniture indoors in these rooms – a nice tribute to the Australian way of life that blends casual and formal so effortlessly and makes reference to our easy going way of life
Finding furnishings to give this look is easy with Eco Chic.  Look out for our outdoor rug range, coming soon.  The bangalow range is similar to the chairs shown.  Try the Erica ikat ottoman for a versatile piece to serve as both table or footstool.  Our escapade cushion range is perfect outdoors and comes in blues and aquas.  A sennia table looks just great indoors or out, as do the sami stools and add a lovely splash of colour into your room – indoors or out – into the bargain!

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