Saturday, 27 August 2011

Well Read

Sometimes the simplest things say the most.  “I love you”.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.  “The dog ate my homework”. “I paid it yesterday”. The written word has a lot of power – even in decorating terms!  That’s why we think this room re-writes the rules...
·         Even though it looks like there’s a lot going on, this is actually a very minimalist setting.  A good example of letting your hero piece have its way, and keeping the rest pulled back – the hero piece being, of course, the wallpaper, the rest the supporting cast

·         It would be quite a different, almost harsh, look if the chair was a shiny, black sharp-edged piece. The warm, worn brown leather club is the anchor that makes this room work – old chair + old books = nonchalant classic cool 

·         The over-sized angle-poise lamp is a cheeky reference to bookish study, but it’s made fun with the irreverent colour and crazy size – plus, picking up the colour in the hydrangeas adds a clever touch of natural in an otherwise austere setting
If you feel there’s a story like this one to be told in your home, Eco Chic should be on your list!  We have classic club chairs such as the Oxford or Darcy that are perfect in the library or living room.  We can supply this exact wallpaper, just drop us a line  Our Spotlight lamp has a sister floor lamp along these lines, just ask.  Fill Charlize urns or Thorn vases with lilacs or lilies for dramatic impact.  And the School Bench would work a treat in such a scholastic setting.
Sounds Like Home?  In this room the music we'd play is 'All Blues' by Miles Davis 

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